Forensic Medicine

Forensic Medicine is the branch of medicine that interprets or establishes the facts in civil or criminal law cases, the applied use of medical knowledge or practice, esp pathology, to the purposes of the law, as in determining the cause of death. Also called: medical jurisprudence or legal medicine

Forensic Medicine Department enables the students to conduct a medico-legal investigation of postmortem cases, Casualty cases and clinical needs. Most modern mortuary, Museum, wax models, charts and bones arrangements are depicted in the department for teaching purpose.

Forensic Medicine Department aims :

  • To produce a Doctor who is well informed about medico-legal responsibilities during the practice of Medicine.
  • The Students shall make them acquire knowledge of the law in relation to medical practice, medical negligence and in respect for codes of medical ethics and consumer protection act.
  • To make the Medical Students capable of making observations and inferring conclusions by logical deductions to set enquiries on the right track in criminal matters and associated medico-legal problems.
  • To create interest in the research in relation to various medico- legal problems