The department caters services to undergraduates of Medicine, Dentistry , Physiotherapy & Nursing faculty.
In addition to services for undergraduates department of pharmacology also shoulders the responsibility of teaching and training students of pharmacology. The department is actively involved in need based research in the applied pharmacology and therapeutics.

Department of Pharmacology is one of the basic sciences departments in the medical graduation course which is concerned with the study of drugs. As we all know that the use of drugs or medicines is one of the principal ways of combating disease, therefore a good physician has to be a good pharmacologist and it becomes mandatory to find out “how the drugs work” and “how they can best be used in the treatment of various diseases”.

Therefore, department of Pharmacology is concerned with the basic fundamentals and thorough knowledge of drugs or medicines, such as various routes of administration, mechanisms of action, their biological effects, pharmacokinetics, adverse drug reactions, therapeutic uses and dosage schedules. It is also concerned with recent advances of various diseases through the development of new and successful drugs which requires advances and insights generated by scientific research.

The department aims at equipping students with the knowledge of rational drug therapy, its importance and application.
The department aims to train the budding doctors with knowledge of correct prescription writing and its medicolegal importance.