Dermatology, Venereology and Leprosy

Dermatology, the science of skin, is one of the many specialties that have evolved from general medicine,although its recognition as a distinct specialty is recent.

Dermatological diseases (including Venereology and Leprology) constitute approximately 30% of outpatient attendance in any hospital.The Department of Dermatology was established to provide comprehensive treatment for skin related problems at affordable costs.

Equipped with state of the art medical equipment and managed by qualified and experienced skin-specialists, the Dermatology Department focuses on evidence-based medicine and quality care. The department also offers treatment for leprosy and venereal diseases.
It routinely carries out dermatologic and cosmetic procedures such as biopsies, skin grafting, cryotherapy, electrocautery, chemical peels and skin resurfacing procedures such as derma rolling. It is one of the pioneers of  Immunofluorescence diagnostic technology and Phototherapy in various skin diseases.
The department undertakes the teaching of undergraduates (M.B.B.S.), postgraduates in medicine & paediatrics’ students. The department, apart from the treatment of skin diseases, leprosy and sexually transmitted diseases, undertakes the management of complex cosmetic problems like acne scars, keloids, naevi, hair fall and pigment disorders.