Pathology is an exciting discipline because it transcends the traditional boundaries between basic and clinical sciences. With advances in molecular biology, the completion of the human genome project, and development of sophisticated technology such as next generation sequencing and proteomics, we are poised to understand the pathogenesis of human diseases at the molecular level.

The Department of Pathology is dedicated to understanding the basis of disease, to teach knowledge to others, and to apply our understanding to improve medical diagnoses and treatment of patients. The research goal in the Department of Pathology is to extend our knowledge of the mechanisms of disease, especially at the molecular level. Such detailed information will hopefully lead to improved diagnoses, treatment, and eventually, prevention.

The Department of Pathology at Narayan Medical College and Hospital is committed to the advancement of our field and excited about discoveries that lie ahead. We are also deeply committed to excellence in education. Our faculty actively participate in teaching medical students, graduate students, and in training residents and fellows. In the past several years the department has embarked on an ambitious program of building facilities and faculty.

Our faculty carries out research that spans the spectrum of biomedical inquiry: basic research into biological and disease mechanisms, translational research that brings advances in experimental science to clinical utility in diagnostics and therapeutics, and clinical research that refines and advances current medical practice.

Our trainees are integral to the success of our Department, and our training programs in anatomic, clinical and experimental pathology are designed for trainees to both learn from the expertise of their faculty mentors and grow as independent clinicians and researchers.