General Surgery

The Department of General Surgery at Narayan Medical College and Hospital is one of the key departments among clinical specialities.

In the Narayan Medical College and Hospital’s section of General Surgery, our surgeons, faculty and staff pursue excellence and leadership in patient care and service. This means that you – our patients and their families – come first, and that our teams are guided by our core principles: accountability for outcomes, respect for individuals, commitment to never-ending improvement, and responsibility for cost-effectiveness.

The Department of General Surgery encompasses expertise in several areas of general surgery concerned with the care of abdominal disorders involving emergency general surgery, advanced laparoscopy, bariatric surgery, colorectal surgery, and esophageal and pancreatic procedures.

The faculty and the members of the dept. yearn to provide improved teaching and learning process to inculcate a strong professional commitment, to update the skills and to interact with national and international academic institutions. We follow international standards and ethics when ever we plan our surgeries. The clinical demonstrations and teaching programmes have always been an added attraction of this dept. having brought national and international students for interactive sessions.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality patient care, conduct innovative medical research, and provide the best training to our surgeons and physicians.