Microbiology is the scientific discipline that examines microbes and microbial diseases. Microbes, small organisms that require microscopic tools for visualization, encompass bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. The discoveries of microbes and the realization that they represent causative agents of human, animal and plant diseases have transformed biological sciences and established the very broad foundations of molecular medicine. Antimicrobial therapies, vaccines, hygiene and antiseptic techniques are intellectual achievements that represent foundations for the current medical revolution.

The Department of Microbiology at Narayan Medical College and Hospital is dedicated to providing the quality education, through both teaching and research, necessary to meet the needs of this growing field.

Our faculty members aggressively pursue research in many areas of the science: immunology; virology; microbial ecology and pathology; microbial genetics; and others. Research projects are continuously conducted through collaboration with and support from various prominent sources

Apart from the contributions of Microbiology to human health, the foundations of modern molecular biology and genetics rest on research carried out with microbes.

Basic research in Microbiology underwrites our effort for eradication of important pathogens, prevention of human diseases, development of gene therapies and the evolution of new strategies for personalized medicine.

The mission of the Microbiology department is to carry out high impact research on the biology, transmission, immunology and pathogenesis of microbes, and to train new leaders in the field.

Our research focuses on viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites that cause disease, and the larger microbial communities in which they exist.