The Department of Psychiatry at Narayan Medical College and Hospital strives to fulfill the tripartite mission of the Medical School: excellence in teaching, research and clinical service.

We promote our Mission to contribute to society through the pursuit of education, learning, and research at the highest international levels of excellence. Our particular focus is on the determinants of mental health conditions, their treatments and the promotion of mental health, teach psychiatry to medical students, develop future researchers in our graduate programme, teach doctors in training, promote excellence in clinical practice, and develop and provide innovative clinical services.

We provide outstanding inpatient and outpatient clinical care as a base for teaching medical students and residents at the College as well as providing specialized programs for patients and their families.

We are teachers, researchers, and clinicians. We train future psychiatrists, explore new ideas, map genomes, develop innovative therapies, create new drugs, study spectacular brain images, and pioneer new treatments all with the goal of advancing mental health care to give our patients healthier minds and better lives.