Infrastructure – Anatomy Department

Demonstration Room: Two, 45 Sq mtrs with capacity of 50 students each, equipped with Av Aids lioke OHP, Slide projector, TV, DVD, LCD projector
Departmental Library- Cum-Seminar Room : 30 sq mtrs, with adequate capacity and 110 nos. of books.
Dissection Hall 250 sq meter, with 100 seating capacity, with adequate facility, like 10 big and 5 small table, 10 wash basin and 100 lockers, charts tables, skeleton etc.
Embalming room 10 sq mtrs, with storage facility for cadeversa.
Histology Laboratory 150 sq mtrs, with 64 microscopes, and 64 seating capacity with cupboard
Research Laboratory :50 sq meter
Special Instruments other than routine Dissection sets, such as Electric saw etc. Electric saw